Former Raiders QB Gannon Disputes Accusations of Super Bowl 'Sabotage'

Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon, who was quarterback when the team lost the 2003 Super Bowl to Tampa Bay, disputed charges by Raider great Tim Brown that Bill Callahan, Raiders head coach at the time, "sabotaged" the game because Callahan hated the Raiders.

"In terms of Bill Callahan, let me just say this: He was a good football coach, he was a good man. We all wanted to win," Gannon said.

Brown said Callahan changed the game plan at the last minute. Brown said the Raiders' original game plan was focused on the run, but less than two days before the game, Callahan completely changed the game plan to throw the ball more without talking to any of the players. 

Brown said if he had to choose between whether Callahan was incompetent or sabotaged the game, Brown told "Pro Football Talk" that he had to pick the latter charge. 

Gannon, though, did not agree. 

"I think that what happened was that we came out and tried to run the football early in that game," Gannon said. "We didn't have a lot of success. We fell behind and at that point we started throwing the ball too much."


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