Costas: Rush Limbaugh Wrong About NBC's Liberalism

NBC Sports host Bob Costas said conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was wrong to state that NBC's liberal beliefs about gun control enabled Costas to exploit Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide to push for gun control. 

"Rush Limbaugh said that I was merely echoing what my NBC bosses wanted me to say because of the MSNBC connection. It's perceived as a liberal network," Costas said in an interview with CNN's "Reliable Sources" that aired on Sunday. "The problem with that is, it's 100 percent false and was based on no knowledge that he had of any kind. In fact, the president of NBC Sports, Mark Lazarus, is a gun owner and a hunter."

Costas works for the network, so he has to defend it. But NBC News has been notorious for its biases. The network has often injected those biases into its broadcasts. For instance, the network even edited a 9-1-1 tape on the "Today Show" to make it seem like George Zimmerman was a racist after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.  

"I wrote what I wrote," Costas said. "They knew it was going to go on the air because they had to know what it was for time. They had not so much as a comma's input to what I had to say, nor did they encourage me to say it."

Costas, as he said, wrote the commentary under his own volition. But, NBC did not prevent him from airing his opinions. Costas never addressed whether the network would have allowed him to air an opinion against gun control on the day after Belcher's murder-suicide, for instance. Costas also said Mark Lazarus, president of NBC Sports, was a hunter but did not state what Lazarus's political beliefs were. 

Costas was responding to a clip CNN aired earlier in the interview of Rush Limbaugh opining about Costas the day after Costas exploited Belcher's murder-suicide for gun control. 

In the clip, Limbaugh said: "How come Costas gets to express his opinion during half-time of 'Sunday Night Football'? The answer is simple--because that's the opinion of his bosses. He gets to express the opinion because that's what NBC thinks."


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