Week 2 AL Power Rankings: Detroit Barely Retains Top Spot

Monday is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball. 65 years ago on April 15, 1947 Robinson broke the color barrier and changed history. Everyone will wear #42 in honor of him. Tag your tweets with #Jackie42. Here are this week's American League Power Rankings:

  1. Detroit Tigers

They are still at number one ,and I know people will give me a hard time putting them above the Oakland A’s. The Tigers beat the A's two out of three (7-3, 10-1) in Oakland. Their starters, especially Justin Verlander and Doug Fister, are consistent. Anibal Sanchez’s name needs to show up more. He has not given up a home run and his ERA is 1.42. There is not a stronger duo in baseball than Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, who constantly get on base or bring home the runs.

2. Oakland Athletics

The Tigers barely squeaked by the A’s. This team is amazing and a blast to watch. But their starters are still mediocre and could be their Achilles heel. Coco Crisp has 16 hits in 11 games along with four home runs, seven RBIs, five doubles, and four stolen bases. No wonder he has scored 14 runs. Put Jed Lowrie behind him and you have gold. He has 18 hits, three home runs, eight RBIs, and six doubles. He has scored twelve runs. They need to concentrate on their pitching and they could easily take over the Tigers.

3. Boston Red Sox

Who would have guessed the Red Sox would be one of the best teams so far? Clay Buccholz is 3-0 has not struggled once. He has given up one run and that is also his only home run. In the last two games he has five hits against him and nineteen strikeouts. On Sunday, he had a career-high eleven strikeouts. The offense is consistent, especially Dustin Pedroia. He does not have any home runs and only four RBIs, but he is batting .333. He is getting on base and stole seven bases, putting himself in scoring positions for those behind him. They do need to overcome losing John Lackey.

4. New York Yankees

I wish the last two games in Cleveland were not postponed. The Yankees came out firing week two. They beat the Tigers 7-0 and stormed into Cleveland to beat them 11-6 and 14-1. They are exciting to watch. A-Rod who? Derek Jeter who? They have Robinson Cano, Kevin Youkilis, and Vernon Wells blowing up the offense. After a shaky start CC Sabathia found his groove and Andy Pettitte is not showing his age. The other starters need to wake up a little because who knows how long their offense will stay on top.

5. Texas Rangers

The Rangers are good, but not great. They have the potential and need to use the talent they have. Yu Darvish and Alexi Ogando are outstanding starters, but their offense is mediocre. This is when you have to look at the schedule. In week two they beat two weak teams: Tampa Bay Rays and Seattle Mariners. Their strongest offense player is Lance Berkman. The bats need to get better.

Teams To Watch:

Kansas City Royals – They play the Braves and Red Sox this week. If they play well they can replace the Rangers

Baltimore Orioles

Seattle Mariners

Series To Watch:

Kansas City Royals vs. Atlanta Braves

Detroit Tigers vs. Seattle Mariners (Mariners are showing life. Let’s see them against the Tigers)

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Baltimore Orioles

Kansas City Royals vs. Boston Red Sox 


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