Duke Beats Powerhouse Syracuse for Lax Title

The lacrosse championship mirrored the history of Duke and Syracuse lacrosse. Just four years ago Syracuse had won 11 titles and Duke had only appeared in one, and Monday Syracuse outclassed Duke early for a 5-0 lead. However, Duke scored 16 of the last 21 goals to beat Syracuse and win their second title since Syracuse last won (see table below for all title games since 1983).

The ACC appears primed to dominate the sport. Syracuse will join Virginia and Duke in the ACC next year, and the three schools have combined to win nine of the last 12 titles.

Duke rallied by simply not letting Syracuse have the ball anymore. Brendan Fowler controlled the game by winning 13 straight faceoffs.

A Duke trio matched the entire Syracuse team as Jordan Wolf scored four goals while Josh Dionne and Josh Offit added three apiece.
"We were down 5-0 and we really had no choice, we had to make the next play, and that's who we are, we responded," Duke coach John Danowski told the Associated Press. "We got in their grills a little bit, we told them they had to play a little tougher and a little harder than they were playing. We slowed our slide down, and start to slow things down on offense."

It was Duke's third straight win over the once nearly invincable Syracuse squad. For the AP story, click here.

Year Syracuse in Finals Champion Runner-up
2013 vs. Duke DUKE Syracuse
2012 Not in it Loyola Maryland
2011 Not in it Virginia Maryland
2010 Not in it DUKE Notre Dame
2009 Won SYRACUSE Cornell
2008 Won SYRACUSE Johns Hopkins
2007 Not in it Johns Hopkins DUKE
2006 Not in it Virginia Massachusetts
2005 Not in it Johns Hopkins DUKE
2004 Won SYRACUSE Navy
2003 Not in it Virginia Johns Hopkins
2002 Won SYRACUSE Princeton
2001 Lost Princeton SYRACUSE
2000 Won SYRACUSE Princeton
1999 Lost Virginia SYRACUSE
1998 Not in it Princeton Maryland
1997 Not in it Princeton Maryland
1996 Not in it Princeton Virginia
1995 Won SYRACUSE Maryland
1994 Not in it Princeton Virginia
1993 Won SYRACUSE North Carolina
1992 Lost Princeton SYRACUSE
1991 Not in it North Carolina Towson
1990 Won (vacated) SYRACUSE Loyola
1989 Won SYRACUSE Johns Hopkins
1988 Won SYRACUSE Cornell
1987 Not in it Johns Hopkins Cornell
1986 Not in it North Carolina Virginia
1985 Lost Johns Hopkins SYRACUSE
1984 Lost Johns Hopkins SYRACUSE
1983 Won SYRACUSE Johns Hopkins


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