Rush Limbaugh: Federal Gov't Should Stay Out of Redskins Name Dispute

On Monday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said it was disturbing that the federal government is trying to intervene in the Redskins name dispute and force Washington to change the name of its mascot. 

Limbaugh said this was yet another example of the government trying to "take more control of things."

“Now, there’s another example of this kind of change,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “The pressure on the Washington Redskins — talking about the NFL — the pressure on the Washington Redskins to change the name from Redskins to something else. And of course the modernists among us — well, you can’t continue to call them Redskins. I mean, you wouldn’t run around in real life calling, ‘Hey, lookit, you’re a Redskin!’ you wouldn’t say that to somebody’s face, and so a team shouldn’t be named that.'"

He asked, "Are you gonna start saying you can’t name teams after animals next? Where is it gonna stop?’

"In the case of the Redskins name, who is everybody advocating change looking to to make it happen? The federal government. And this is the problem," Limbaugh said. "Change is constant. And it does need to be embraced. But I’ll tell you, all of the change being advocated now — at least [from] the change advocates, the people who think they’re hip and modern — all they’re actually doing is advocating the government take more control of things."

He said the "the Redskins may not be a popular name with some people. Let the NFL figure it out."

"Why does the government have to get involved? Why does Obama or Congress or anything need to get involved? We don’t need McCain and the boys involved in this," he added. "Why should they be? But the advocates, those people who are now just fit to be tied over the name Redskins, what they really want is to empower the federal government some more. They’re willing to turn over all kinds of powers to the federal government in order to bring about what they want."

Limbaugh said "these change advocates are nothing but a bunch of liberals who are, in truth, seeking to empower the federal government with more power over everybody. And it’s incremental, and sometimes it’s tiny, and sometimes it’s considered insignificant."

He said since "FedEx Stadium is sold out every week," the name "obviously isn’t upsetting too many people."

"And yet you want the federal government to come in here with their jack-booted thugs, or iron-fist people, and do what?" he asked. 

Limbaugh concluded by saying the "people who don’t like the Redskins names are just a bunch of PC jerks" who want the federal government to come in and change the name. 


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