College Football Players Accidentally 'Break In' to Store, Pay for Items--Including Tax

Four football players in New Jersey accidentally walked into a store after it was closed because of a faulty lock and were caught on security camera paying for everything they took--including the tax.

Initially, the camera footage this week from Buddy's Small Lots in New Jersey looked like it caught a burglary

But the four football players from William Paterson University actually paid for all of the items they took. One player was seen "digging in for change," on the camera in order to find money to pay the tax on the items. 

"We thought somebody was just, like, on break or something," one of the students said. Another said, "My heart dropped... I'm thinking, like, okay, are we in trouble? As of now, in the world today, they judge us for the wrong things."

The four football players reportedly stopped by the store while in a rush to attend practice. 


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