Only One Parent Offers to Help Clean Former NFL Player's Home Trashed by 300 Teens

After nearly 300 teenagers trashed his New York home and caused $20,000 worth of damage, former NFL star Brian Holloway offered the parents of the 100 teenagers he has so far identified as having trashed his home to help him clean his damaged house.

Only one person showed up. 

"I expected 100 parents to show. Only one showed up," he said.

Holloway said the "estimated $20,000 in damage caused to his house" included "smashed windows and glass doors, urinated carpets, holes in the ceilings, as well as a stolen eagle statue that was part of a memorial for his stillborn grandson."

He is "holding a picnic for veterans at the home on Saturday, and invited the rowdy teens and their parents to help him clean the house." Holloway said there was evidence of illegal drug and alcohol use as well in addition to violence. 

"Come out and help set up, fix up, bring food, and picnic stuff, so we can honor these real HEROS," he wrote on his website. "I'm here. Come now. Take a stand for your future. This is called redemption."

Holloway "said he hoped the incident would motivate more parents to check what their kids are posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram," and had a simple message for parents: "Parents need to step up and go old school."

Instead, the parents of the teenagers have reportedly threatened to sue Holloway for identifying the teenagers who tweeted photos of themselves trashing Holloway's home. 


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