ESPN Analyst: Women Shouldn't Be on College Football Playoff Selection Committee

On Saturday, ESPN college football analyst David Pollack said he did not believe women should be on the College Football Playoff selection committee a day after former Secretary of State and Stanford University Provost Condoleezza Rice was reportedly chosen to be on it.

The selection committee will choose the four teams that will participate in the College Football Playoff that begins next season. 

On College Gameday, Pollack, a former defensive end at the University of Georgia whose NFL career was cut short due to a neck injury, said he thought everybody on the committee needed to have played football, among other things in an exchange with host Chris Fowler:

“Now I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth, probably,” Pollack said. “I want people on this committee, guys, that can watch tape, yes, that have played football, that are around football, that can tell you different teams, on tape, not on paper–”

“So no woman belongs on the committee, then?” said Fowler.

“You said that … I’ll say it, yeah. Yeah,” said Pollack.”


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