ProFootballTalk: Redskins Should Be 'Alarmed' by Poll that Found Overwhelming Support for Name

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio believes that a poll conducted by a liberal polling outfit that found that over 70% of the country is against a name change should "alarm" the Redskins. 

He blamed the Redskins for putting the controversy "back on the front burner" by issuing a press release on Thursday that merely said the poll confirmed that "very few" Americans want a name change.

Public Policy Polling conducted the poll that found that 71% of Americans were in favor of the Redskins name while 18% were opposed. The Redskins released a statement saying the poll showed that "very few people" want the name to be changed. 

Florio thinks a "close inspection of the results should that support for a name change is increasing, at a rate that should alarm the Redskins." He cites the fact that nearly 20% wanted a name change in the poll, which was about 8 percentage points more than in other polls. 

As Breitbart Sports has reported, the Redskins have come under intense pressure from Democrats, Native American groups, and even President Barack Obama, who said that he would consider changing the team's name if he owned the team. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has also said that even if one person is offended, "we have to listen." 

The poll surveyed 741 registered voters in December and the margin of error is +/- 3.6 percentage points.


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