Study: Richard Sherman Received as Many Positive Tweets as Negative

Richard Sherman's post-game rant after his Seahawks defeated the 49ers in Sunday's NFC title game drew as many positive reactions on Twitter as negative reactions, according to an Emory University study. 

In the 10-hour period after his remarks, the study found that "Sherman had a 1:1 positive to negative ratio."

From the study:

Our analysis is quite straightforward.  We first collected all tweets that were tweeted in the ten-hour period following the end of the NFC Championship game.  From this collection of tweets, we selected any tweet that contained “Seattle”, “Seahawks”, or “Sherman”.  These selected tweets were then coded as having “positive”, “negative”, or “neutral” sentiment.

The study also found that "post-game tweets that mentioned '@RSherman_25' had a 2:1 (Positive:Negative) ratio."


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