Iconic Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Card Was Photoshopped

Every kid in the late 1980s and early 1990s coveted Ken Griffey Jr.'s Upper Deck rookie card, which is arguably the most famous baseball card in modern times.

Twenty-five years after the card was minted, Griffey revealed that the photo on the iconic card that everyone desired was photoshopped. 

"That was actually the first, pretty much," Griffey said in an interview with the Sporting News about the 25th anniversary of the card. "That baseball card was me in a San Bernardino uniform, they just Photoshopped it.

"If you notice, the Mariners had the blue stripe down the center of the shirt. That one doesn't have it. And if you look at the hat closely enough, you'll see the trim of the red where the yellow is."

Note: I remember saving money to buy some expensive Upper Deck baseball packs at the local baseball card shop with my friends and praying that it would contain card #1. Though some of my friends got lucky, my packs never contained the baseball card I had to have and have never obtained. I promised myself that one day I'd just buy the card if the time was ever right... 


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