Little Girl Sends US Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson Adorable Letter with Lucky Penny

U.S. Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson received what she said was "the most precious" letter from an elementary school student named Leanne. It even had a lucky penny for Anderson to rub for good luck. 

Leanne sent the letter on January 21, a few weeks before Anderson won the gold medal in the inaugural slopestyle snowboarding event in Sochi. 

The letter reads:

Dear Jamie Anderson,

I’m so proud you made the Olyimpic team! I’ve been reading about you and you are really amazing! I learned that you like biking. I like biking, too. I hope you go high and do lots of tricks and do a really good job and do a nice job on the usa team. You are really good at Slopstlye Snowboarding. Rub the penny to get good luck.




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