Sochi 2014: Cross Country Winner Waits 30 Minutes to Greet Peruvian Who Came in Last

There have been many feel good stories during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. The latest occurred after the cross country event on Friday.

Dario Cologna of Switzerland won the gold medal in the 15K Classic, which is his third gold medal in the event. It is normal for the winner to stick around and congratulate those behind him, but Cologna did something better.

Roberto Carcelen is a cross country skier and Peru’s first Winter Olympian. He broke a rib in training, but vowed to compete. He finished last, more than 30 minutes behind Cologna.

Cologna stayed the 30 minutes just to congratulate Carcelen and celebrate the fact that he finished the race.

Watch the video at Deadspin.

(Photos via CBC, AP and Getty)

Dario Cologna


Dachhiri Sherpa; Roberto Carcelen

 Dario Cologna (R) of Switzerland applauds Dachhiri Sherpa (L) of Nepal and Roberto Carcelen (C) of Peru


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