Kobe, the Movie: Showtime Makes Feature-Length Film on Lakers Star

If Kobe Bryant vacationing in France while his Lakers brethren finished out the season didn’t clue you in that Kobe is all about Kobe, then perhaps a new documentary will persuade. It stars Kobe. It’s produced by Kobe. It’s about Kobe. And it’s called Kobe Bryant’s Muse.

Showtime plans to air the feature-length documentary, which doesn’t yet have a broadcast date. Using the Lakers star’s recent injuries as a jumping off point, the film explores whether this coming season will be his last.

“At this critical juncture in his career, viewers will watch as Bryant attempts to cement his legacy, opening a window into the mind of an athlete still motivated to be the best,” Showtime announces. The film will delve into Bryant’s “mentorships, allies, and rivalries,” and highlight his Kobe, Inc. career plans after his basketball career.

“With unbridled access to his daily experience,” Showtime boasts, “the film will reveal what makes Bryant tick and the life-long inspirations that have motivated him.”

Can't wait.


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