Dem MD, VA Govs Disagree on Redskins Name Change

This week, the Democrat governors of Maryland and Virginia disagreed about whether the Redskins should change their name. Their answers probably reveal that Martin O'Malley, Maryland's governor, is running for president while Terry McAuliffe, Virginia's governor, is not. 

The Redskins play in Maryland but hold their training camp in Virginia.

"We hope that in every generation we become more understanding of one another, more inclusive as a people, and more respectful of the dignity of every individual and every culture, so I think it probably is time for the Redskins to change their name," O’Malley told Fusion.

McAuliffe said that it is "up to Dan Snyder and the team, he's got to make that decision... Not me, it's up to him."

"I've always said, as a politician, as a governor, (I) really shouldn't be in the business of telling private businesses in their state," McAuliffe said. "And I remind you, the Redskins are in this state. They are more Virginia than they are D.C. or they are Maryland."


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