Krauthammer On Romney's Birth Cert Remark: 'It Wasn't An Error, It Was A Joke'

Charles Krauthammer on FOX News' "Special Report":

"I don't think he stepped on anything. It wasn't an unforced error, it wasn't a forced error. It wasn't a error. It wasn't an error at all, it was a joke. And this outrage response from Obama campaign, I think the most absurd example of fake umbrage in the history of fake umbrage. Give me a break. Romney dismissed the birthed issue from the beginning. There's no implication that he is believes in this stuff. Obama himself has joked about his birth certificate,"

"The press swallows it up," Krauthammer said. "I think it's another example of what we heard the other night of the press -- I think it was Chuck Todd who said that the press tends to follow the Obama campaign and what it wants to emphasize. This is a non-story of a non-story."


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