CNN's Morgan Calls State Senator 'Jerk'

On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” Monday night New York State Sen. Greg Ball (R)

Ball: “I think that I share the feelings of a lot of red-blooded Americans who believe if we can save even one American life… that they would use every tool at their disposal to do so,”

Morgan: “How are you going to torture him?”

Ball: “Dude, you’re talking to a guy who supports death penalty for cop killers, terrorists… I’m talking about me, If you want to talk to the president about his policies, the next time you golf or go play basketball with him, you can ask him. What would you do, play cards? Maybe I should have said it in a British accent. These men killed innocent men, women and children.”

Morgan: “Can you stop being a jerk?”

Ball: “You get paid for it,”


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