Farrakhan Honored By Tuskegee Univ Pres, Tells Students U.S. Murdering Billions

More disturbing than the anti Israel and anti America rantings of the influential leader of the Nation of Islam is the fact that he is not only regularly given platforms from eduction institutions to spew his propaganda but now even honored by the supposed educators. The President of Tuskegee University, Dr. Gilbert L. Rochon, honored Min. Farrakhan at a private dinner complete with a Tuskegee swag give away.

During the same visit while Speaking at the University Farrakhan told the students:

“To cull, meaning to get rid of, two to three billion people is policy. Now here are the methods they are using to effect global depopulation: Depleted uranium bombs… genetically modified food.”

“They [the U.S. government] feel that the resources of our planet are dwindling and the people on the planet are considered useless eaters, so to get rid of them means that they have access to the raw materials of the planet without opposition because they killing the potential opposition,”


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