MSNBC Hosts Admits To Moment Of 'Empathy' For Cleveland Kidnapper

MSNBC Host Chris Hayes on convicted kidnapper Ariel Castro. "I want to play the one moment when there was a tiny, slight pin prick of empathy in me as I watched this awful statement, was him talking about himself, saying that he had been a victim of sexual abuse, himself."

Castro Clip: "I've stated before that I was a victim of sex acts when I was a child. This led me into — these people are trying to paint me as a monster and I'm not a monster. I'm sick."

Hayes "It seemed like, in a weird way, the most honest thing that he said, but also this weird kind of distancing approach to medicalize, so that he did not have to take moral responsibility, Goldie, and yet there was some part of me that, when I considered, I flashed before my brain, a child being abused, that there was this opening up of empathy."


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