NRO's Goldberg: Obama Contradicts Improving Economy Message in Asking for Unemployment Benefits

On Fox News Channel's "Happening Now" on Tuesday:

"There's an inherent contradiction here," Goldberg said. "Whenever Republicans or any critics of the president say,'The recovery was paltry,' or that 'the economy is not doing well, Obama's policies haven't worked,' you get Jay Carney out there screaming bloody murder about how the economy is doing great. 'The recovery is in full effect,' and all that.

"And at the same time they say we need to extend these emergency unemployment benefits to millions of people," he continued. "Well, which is it? In some ways, it sort of a bad commercial for President Obama because what people take away from this is in the sixth year of this guy's presidency, they still need to extend unemployment insurance to millions of people. It's not a great recovery."


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