Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Minute: Repudiate Kerry

"Ten years ago, Americans took a hard look at John Kerry and decided that they didn’t want him in charge. Thanks to his former Swift Boat comrades, we were spared the results of entrusting the country’s security to someone with Kerry’s arrogance, bad judgment and vaulting ambition.

Unfortunately, as our Secretary of State, John Kerry is strutting the world stage, cutting defective deals with tyrants, emboldening our enemies and undermining our friends. Notably, he’s insisting that Israel make dangerous concessions to those sworn to destroy the Jewish State – and, in due course, us.

A phony “framework” deal with Iran is coming unraveled even as Secretary Kerry says he’s closing in on a new one between Israel and the Palestinians. He must be repudiated again, as he was a decade ago."


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