MSNBC Attacks Drudge: 'Race Baiter,' Puts President in Danger

Martin Bashir and guests ruthlessly attacked Matt Drudge Wednesday for his reporting on comments made by Jamie Foxx about the use of the "n word" in Quentin Tarantino's films.

"If I live a thousand years, Matt Drudge will never become an arbiter for me of what is racially unacceptable in this country. I think that his site and those that he feeds to and from, links to and from, I mean they make an awful lot of money from this," MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor said. "I think that they trade, you know, peddle this stuff on a daily basis and they do it to line their own pockets. And so I just don't give that kind of credibility to a Matt Drudge,"

"I think it is a money-making mission for some of these websites to produce these columned-out pieces to drive more traffic. They are baiting, you know, playing to the least of these folks who still harbor some of the worst prejudices and the most vicious and maligning stereotypes about people like me, like Toure, like yourself (Bashir). It is irresponsible, it is dangerous, frankly. If we look at this particular president, if we look at the Secret Service statistics, the number, the sheer number of assassination threats that come into this White House, either by the phone or email, or internet. It keeps the Secret Service quite busy."


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