Brit Hume: Ezekiel Emanuel a Victim of Being a 'True Believer' in ObamaCare

On Sunday, Ezekiel Emanuel, former White House health care policy adviser, told Fox News the problem with ObamaCare wasn’t that it was fraught with problems, but instead needed a PR campaign to bolster its image to the American people.

Brit Hume, Fox News senior political analyst, refuted that argument. On Fox News on Monday morning, he explained that Emanuel is a victim of being a “true believer.”

“The problem is we haven't had a PR campaign, which he said twice,” Hume said. “And I thought it was laughable. You know, he's doing the best he can come and it's not easy to defend this program, which is not working on many levels. And his idea is that, you know, people haven’t have a PR campaign. My lord, this is the most touted promise talked about, built up rollout I can remember for years and years. Listen, this is what happens with true believers. When the policies they espouse are put into effect and don't work very well, they always think that it's just because the message is right or the PR campaign doesn't work properly or hasn’t been framed correctly or something of that kind and the result is it’s the last thing that’s going to dawn on them it isn’t working and probably can’t.”


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