Graham: 'It Seems Not Being Bush Is Our Foreign Policy'

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham on NBC's Meet the Press’ with host David Gregory:

“It seems to me ‘not being Bush’ is our foreign policy. The goal should be to basically make sure Assad leaves. Last year, Assad was isolated, he had very few friends, he was hanging by a thread. This year he’s entrenched with Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia, stronger behind him than ever. I think our goal should be, in the short term, to balance the military power, and providing small arms won’t do it. So we need to create a no-fly zone to neutralize Assad’s airpower.”

“Syria has become a powder keg for the region. Our policies are not working, and AK-47s will not neutralize the advantage Assad has over the rebels.”

“I say a political solution is the only way you solve this and Assad must go to get a political solution. No rebel group’s going to partition Syria with Assad still in power. So, yes, he has to go. Then you find a political solution. But if the war lasts six more months, Jordan’s going to go and Israel’s going to be surrounded by Syria on fire…The whole region’s about to blow up and our foreign policy, to me, I don’t understand it. Whatever it is, it’s not working.”


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