Former Newsweek Editor: Gibbs Sent Me 'Abusive Email' In '08 For Being Critical Of President

JONATHAN ALTER, FORMER SENIOR EDITOR, NEWSWEEK: There is a kind of a threatening tone that from time to time, not all the time, but comes out of these guys [audio problems] this White House, but that doesn’t excuse it. And, you know, they should not play that way, but they, they feel like they’re holding the cards in the relationship. They’ve got people’s access, you know, to hold over them. I remember one time I reported something during the [audio problems] and we were on the road, and we were actually in Berlin. It was on Obama’s [audio break] in 2008, and they didn’t like something that I had reported, and I was disinvited to a dinner that night that reporters were having with the candidate. I was told “Don’t come” you know, you know fairly abusive email.

STEVE MALZBERG, HOST: Who told you that? Who sent you the email?

ALTER: That one was Gibbs.


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