Bill Maher: Racist Troglodytes Dragging Back GOP

On Current TV’s Viewpoint, The host of HBO’s Real Time Bill Maher said Tuesday about Republicans:

“The racial stuff, that is going to be harder for them, I saw right after the election, a number of them, Rush Limbaugh, lamenting the passing of the white demographic. He basically was saying, ‘What do you expect me to be. I’m a racist and a misogynist. You don’t expect me to give that up. What happened to the days, people, when you could speak crap about blacks and Latinos and gays, and they didn’t hold it against you at the polls? I mean, gee, what are we coming to?’”

“Those are the people who I think when we get to the next round of primaries, those are the people who go to the debates, those are the people who boo a gay soldier, Those are the people who are always going to be dragging them back to their troglodyte base.”


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