Rand Paul on Amazon Drones: Rules Should Be Added to Prevent Private Companies from Spying on People

Earlier this year, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul filibustered a nomination for 13 hours to protest the executive branch’s potential use of drones domestically against U.S. civilians.

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Paul offered his thoughts on a proposal by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that would use drones as a delivery instrument for products purchased from his company for its customers.

Partial transcript as follows:

“Well, you know, I’m not against technology. So, I’m not one of these people who says, ‘Oh, unmanned airplanes is really a bad thing.’ There will be air traffic control issues. My problem is more with surveillance for privacy reasons -- not with delivering of packages. So I’m worried about the government looking into our backyard. I’m also worried about private companies looking and counting and looking in our windows. I have said previously, this has nothing to do with Amazon, but that a rules on peeping toms will have to be applied to higher technology. There has to be a certain extension of your privacy -- not only your house, but your yard and the things that you do that really people shouldn't be able to observe all of the time. And so there will have to be rules on private entities, but most particularly I’m concerned about the government looking at our activities.”


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