Krauthammer To Manchin: 'Why Don't You Fess Up and Become a Republican?'

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer questions Sen. Joe Manchin in the "Special Report" "Center Seat" segment on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday:

KRAUTHAMMER: My question is why don't you fess up and become a Republican?

MANCHIN: Well, there's still responsible Democrats around the country.

KRAUTHAMMER: Are there? Well, you're one of them.

MANCHIN: Sometimes, and you know…

KRAUTHAMMER: Can you name three?

MANCHIN: I can name a lot of West Virginians. You know, it's just common sense. And you know, we've never put our colleagues in a difficult position. I've never tried to say something derogatory about my Republican friends. I've always tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and I've always tried to work with them. I believe deeply in my Democratic roots, as far as a West Virginian, it might be a little different than the Washington Democrats, but it's a true, hardcore West Virginian Democrat values. And I respect my Republican friends who have their strong West Virginian Republican values. We've always put our state first, Charles.


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