Alec Baldwin: Secessionists Should Call New Country ‘United States of Caucasia’

ALEC BALDWIN: And then I read where now, what is it, several states want to secede from the United States…

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: Leave the union.

BALDWIN: …because of the results of the election. And it's so strange because I had many of those states on a list of states I would like to secede from the United States. I had proposed a bill to the Congress.

LETTERMAN: You proposed a bill?

BALDWIN: Yeah. And the people that are leading that movement, it's amazing, because we actually agree on something for the first time. Yeah, that secession.

LETTERMAN: And, I mean, what happens? Why? And what will they do? I'd kind of like to see this.

BALDWIN: What would that country be? What would they call it? The United Flakes of America? The United States of Caucasia? We can keep going, by the way.


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