Buchanan: Custer Was Better Prepared for Battle than Today's GOP

On "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV on Friday, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan commented on the state of the Republican Party as President Barack Obama and the Democrats begin to falter because of the problem-laden rollout of ObamaCare.

"One thing [that] could be said about these fellows, they do not think it through. Gen. Custer had a battle plan for weeks compared to these fellows," Buchanan said. "Before you march into one of these battles, you've got to be prepared for the fact that, look, we may get bloodied so badly we're going to have to step back across the Potomac River like Robert E. Lee did after Gettysburg …

"Have we war gamed what's going to happen? Do we have a communication strategy if we have to pull back to this position or this position or advance to that one? I don't think they do and that's why I say they'd better be aware."

Buchanan also offered some historical comparisons of Obama and how he connects to other international figures.

(h/t Newsmax)


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