Krauthammer: ObamaCare Pitfalls Revealing 'a Vast Deception' by President

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” Monday, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer unleashed a scathing critique of the Obama administration as more and more of the flaws of ObamaCare are brought to the forefront.

Krauthammer explained that as we learn many promises of the laws promotion are being left unfulfilled, it is clear a “vast deception” was at play.

“That is another truth emerging,” Krauthammer said. “I think what is happening here is not just a matter of what is affordable. It is a matter of a vast deception. The idea that you can keep your doctor, you keep your plan, was meant to say to the 80 percent of Americans who at the time the bill was debated, had told a pollster they liked what they. It was a way of saying, you will be unmolested. The bill is only a narrow attempt to help the unfortunate who aren't getting help. And who would deny that? It is going to be a small -- and what happened with [Fox News correspondent] Jim Angle and with Fox and those few outlets who actually read the bill, and went into it in details, including the rise in deductible, including the fact that millions will lose plans unwillingly, including the fact that premiums are going to go up, and including the fact that you will lose choice -- all of this was in the bill but nobody looked at it.”

“The members of Congress didn't even read it and Pelosi said we'll learn what is in it after it passes,” Krauthammer continued. “And what we learned what is in it as we learned with the deductible is that it was a bill to redo all of American health care that would include everybody who liked this plan, as a way to socialize the system to get millions Americans subsidizing others in a way they never imagined. That is why you have to have the young and the healthies in the bill. So the deception was you will be left alone. It was never in the bill. There was always an intent to revolutionize. And what’s happening now is exactly what was written.”


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