Steyn: Obamacare Has Just Increased Fearfulness and Uncertainty in the System

National Review columnist Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt's radio show with fill-in host Arthur Brooks discusses ObamaCare's impact...

Partial transcript as follows:

STEYN: It certainly will. I mean, this is a huge disruption. I’m not a fan of Ezra Klein, the big sort of lefty wonky guy, but I think he made a very good point, which is that the reason people are fearful about Obamacare is because they’re fearful about health insurance and health coverage in general. You know, even if you have insurance, you can be standing at Rite-Aid at ten minutes before closing on a Friday afternoon to get your pills for the weekend, and something will have gone wrong, and they’ll deny you access to those pills. And there is, and he was saying there’s a general fearfulness in the system that Obamacare is intended to address. But Obamacare in fact has just increased fearfulness and uncertainty in the system, and for millions and millions of people, too.


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