Graham On Gitmo: Don't 'Bring These Crazy Bastards That Want To Kill Us All To The United States'

GRAHAM “Simply stated, the American people don’t want to close Guantanamo Bay, which is an isolated, military-controlled facility, to bring these crazy bastards that want to kill us all to the United States

“Most Americans believe that the people at Guantanamo Bay are not some kind of burglar or bank robber, They are bent on our destruction. And I stand with the American people that we’re under siege, we’re under attack and we’re at war.”

“Some of my colleagues in this body have forgotten what 9/11 is all about, the people who attacked us on 9/11, in that prison, want to destroy our way of life. They don’t want to steal your car. They don’t want to break in your house. And we’ve got a military prison being well run, so I think the American people are telling everybody in this body, ‘Have you lost your mind? We’re at war. Act like you’re at war.’”


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