Kerry Warns Russia On Syria

ABC: US secretary of state John Kerry has warned Russia against its plan to provide Syria with long-range surface to air missiles, saying it would jeopardise any attempt to hold peace talks.

Mr Kerry made the comments at a news conference with Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, ahead of a preparatory meeting in Geneva next week on a joint US-Russian bid for talks to end Syria's two-year civil war.

"It is not helpful to have the S-300 [air defence missiles] transferred to the region while you are trying to organise this peace," he said.

"It is not helpful to have a lot of other ammunition and other supplies overtly going in not just from the Russians – and they are supplying that kind of thing – but also from the Iranians and Hezbollah."

Mr Kerry says the delivery of missiles would have a "profoundly negative impact" on the balance of interests and the stability of the region.


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