Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Minute: NSA is Not the Enemy

America is at war with a deadly, secretive and tech-savvy enemy. Yet, practically daily, turncoat Edward Snowden and his enablers in the press compromise the means by which U.S. intelligence tries to counter our foes, prompting fresh demands to shut down needed collection capabilities.

President Obama is expected to do some of that in a speech next week. Congress is mulling its own changes, with some talking about suing the National Security Agency.

A leading national security-minded lawmaker, Representative Peter King, warns that some of his Republican colleagues are so over-the-top in their hostility towards the NSA and homeland security that they sound like 1960s anti-war Democrats.

We need a reasoned and informed debate about protecting our country from its enemies. Let’s start by stipulating that the NSA is not one of them.


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