NYC Teacher Investigated For Telling Students 'I Feel like Stabbing Some Of These Kids'

PIX11: An eighth grade teacher fantasized out loud about what she wanted to do to some unruly students, and it involved a potentially fatal act. It’s what the New York City schools’ chief investigator confirms, and it’s left some parents and students stunned.

“She should be put in jail,” Lofera Gina, the guardian of a student at the Collaborative Academy of Science Technology and Language Arts, or CASTLE Middle School, told PIX11 News about 8th grade teacher Jacqueline Baffoni.

The city’s Special Commissioner for Investigations said it probed a complaint against Baffoni, in which she had said to unruly students that she felt ”like stabbing some of these kids — I have a knife here.” She had apparently kept a knife in her desk that she’d had on hand to cut fruit, but she shared out loud that she was willing to use the tool as a weapon against the students left in her care.

“[It makes me] feel horrible, Lauren Reilly, an eighth grader, said about the allegations. She, her father and other students and parents said that the whole school was talking about the situation.


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