Flashback: Terry McAuliffe Linked Bush Election to Father’s Death

Former DNC Chair and current candidate for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in a May 2001 interview with C-SPAN:

"I gave at the eulogy at his funeral, and there are many reasons why people thought Jack had died. He was 83 years old. And I said the main reason is that he could not go into a new year knowing that a Republican was actually moving into the White House. I just don’t think he could’ve handled that.”

“He had eight great years, President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton were so nice to my mother and father, they’d come down all the time. So he had a great eight years when President Clinton and Vice President Gore were in office, and he just wasn’t going into a new year with a Democrat not being in the White House Steve, he just couldn’t handle it.”


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