The Texas Left: Battleground Texas Apologist Buck Wood

After Breitbart Texas broke the latest James O'Keefe undercover video sting on Battleground Texas, the Texas Tribune turned to “Democratic election law expert” Buck Wood to provide cover for the liberal activists. Breitbart Texas immediately published a legal analyst’s opinion that Wood’s assessment seemed to completely contradict what the courts have said on the same issue. The Texas Tribune responded by immediately "updating" their article and removing the opinions of Buck Wood.

Buck Wood

Buck Wood

The former executive director of the leftist group Common Cause, Wood told the Texas Tribune that volunteer voter registrars — like those from Battleground Texas — are not bound by the same restrictions as as the people who deputize them.

Trey Trainor, an election law expert and former general counsel to the Texas Secretary of State, said volunteer voter registrars must follow the same laws as any other officials when collecting voter registration cards.

“Absolutely it applies to them, without question,” Trainor told Breitbart Texas. “Just because you volunteer as a voter registrar doesn't mean you have the right to copy all that information. They are abusing the trust.”

He noted that volunteer voter registrars receive a statutorily proscribed certificate, and are subject to penalties if after registering someone they fail to turn in the cards.

Trainor said that Wood’s defense of the Battleground Texas is predictable.

“Buck has for years been the go-to lawyer for those on the left. Whatever outrageous position they want to take he will defend,” said Trainor.

Wood is the general counsel for the Equity Center, an association of local school boards that have repeatedly sued taxpayers as a way to increase funding in public education. His lawsuit against the state in the early 1990s led to the so-called “Robin Hood” school funding plan in which local property taxes in middle-class and wealthier school districts are sent to “poor” school districts.

More recently, Democrat Wood was tapped by trial-lawyer-supported Joe Pool Jr. to file a lawsuit attempting to remove incumbent Supreme Court justice Jeff Brown from the Republican Primary ballot. Pool is running as a Republican against Brown. The case was dismissed in mid-January.

During the 2007 debate over voter ID in the Texas Legislature, Wood was there to testify predictably against the legislation. He described voter ID laws as being “based on a false premise.”

Of course, this is not the first time the Texas Tribune has gone out of its way to help give cover to Democrats. The Tribune found itself in the midst of controversy after getting exclusive coverage rights to a Democratic fundraising event in Austin with the Party’s presumptive gubernatorial nominee, Wendy Davis. An article at the Huffington Post this week described the Tribune as operating with “a classic conflict of interest” and “a kind of rank hypocrisy that is so grandiose as to be entertaining.”


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