Obama’s Executive Action Creates Boom for Privatized Prison Industry

The private prison industry has experienced a boom because of President Barrack Obama’s anticipated, and now delivered, magnet of Executive Action. Obama promised Executive Action to decree amnesty for several years creating a surge of illegal immigration that necessitated the building of three immigrant family detention centers being run by privatized prison companies. The newest one, located in Dilley, Texas is a 2,400 bed facility that is scheduled to open in December.
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Texas Media Attacks Perry Like Rabid Dogs Over Drunk DA Issue

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Dallas Morning News unfairly attacked Texas Governor Rick Perry in a story this weekend saying that Perry "tried to force [Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg] from office for drunken driving," and that he had "cited outrage at her behavior and a loss of confidence in her ability to do the job." In an apparent attempt to discredit Perry as a hypocrite, the Morning News oversimplified the story to focus on the alcohol issue, describing a Perry adviser and two other county district attorneys who had committed alcohol-related offenses, instead of the real reason Perry was outraged at Lehmberg's behavior. Other media across Texas quickly piled on the attack, but Perry has never claimed that Lehmberg's DWI arrest alone was the reason she should be removed from office. Instead, he has always maintained that her behavior that was "abusive to law enforcement" was why she should not be heading an agency charged with protecting the public trust. 17 Nov 2014

Texas National Guard Deploying to Africa to Fight Ebola

A team of Texas National Guard engineers will be deploying to Africa to help in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus. The engineers, based in Angleton (south of Houston), will deploy in the spring of 2015 as part of a multi-state National Guard effort to stop the spread of the disease. 17 Nov 2014

Dallas County Approves For-Profit Video Visitation for Prisoners in County Jail

Dallas County Commissioners’ Court approved in a 4-1 vote, a proposal to introduce a for-profit video visitation system for prisoners housed in the county’s jails. Family members electing to use the video system instead of an in-person visit will have to pay a fee of $10 for a 20 minute chat. The program is not mandatory at this time, but there was concern expressed during the Court’s debate that the Sheriff could make the system mandatory at some point in the future. 17 Nov 2014

Texas Drowning In School Bond Debt, $75B Before Interest

Already on the hook for $65 billion in outstanding school bond debt approved and issued between 2007-2013, Texans voted in more mega-school bond debt statewide in 2014 that will pile nearly $10 billion more onto the statewide property tax payer tab. For public school debt alone, Texans will owe almost $75 billion -- before interest. 17 Nov 2014

IRS Back Doors Same-Sex Retirement Benefits in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas -- The Obama Administration is attempting to back-door same-sex retirement benefits in conflict with a constitutional amendment passed by Texas voters. The IRS is requiring Texas businesses and non-profits to provide retirement benefits to partners married in states that recognize same-sex marriage. The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) which is made up of 13 counties and the cities and school districts within those counties, has received a notice from the IRS that it must provide same-sex partner retirement benefits. The Council is faced with complying with an IRS Revenue Ruling which Board members say compels it to violate state constitutional law governing traditional marriage and awarding benefits to same-sex couples. 16 Nov 2014

Texas House Republicans Choosing Political Gain Over the Unborn

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Texas House Republicans are poised to show that the sanctity of unborn life is a matter they can compromise on in order to achieve legislative success on other issues in the coming Texas legislative session. The House Republicans are expected to choose a NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) favored candidate, current Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) over the pro-life challenger, Scott Turner (R-Frisco) in the race for Speaker of the Texas House. Pro-life Republicans make up a near two-thirds majority of the Texas House, which will take its first recorded vote when they convene on January 13, 2015 to select the Speaker of the House for the 84th Legislative Session. Straus is supported by House Democrats and pro-choice moderate Republicans, while Turner has been graded one of the most conservative members of the House, and has a reputation for supporting pro-life issues. 16 Nov 2014

Arabic Immersion School Coming to Texas

The Houston Independent School District (ISD) will be adding its first Arabic Language Immersion Magnet School in Fall 2015. The district's Board of Education voted unanimously to approve plans for the new specialty public school campus at its November 13 meeting. 16 Nov 2014

Sid Miller Names Transition Team for Agriculture Commission

Texas Commissioner-Elect of Agriculture, Sid Miller, announced the formation of his transition team to help him move into the office being vacated by outgoing Commissioner Todd Staples. Miller will be sworn in as Texas Agriculture Commissioner on January 1, 2015. 16 Nov 2014

Ted Cruz Coloring Book Flying Off the Shelves

A coloring book featuring U.S. Senator Ted Cruz saving America while riding on a giant bald eagle and carrying a rifle in his hand Charlton Heston style is flying off the shelves of booksellers around the country. The satirical book of Cruz’ rise to fame has been listed on the Amazon top-selling coloring books for at least twenty weeks. 16 Nov 2014

Progressives Pushing Politics Right Up To Texas Textbook Adoption Day

The State Board of Education (SBOE) will vote to adopt new K-12 social studies textbooks, instructional and online materials on Friday, November 21 in Austin. This final week of the multi-month social studies textbook adoption process is not for the weary. Progressives continue to relentlessly push their politics, still trying to influence the public and shape the narrative in a fight over ideology and content. 15 Nov 2014

Property Tax Relief May Be Coming for Texans

Texas State Senator-Elect Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) delivered on a campaign promise and filed a property tax relief bill as his first piece of legislation as a newly elected Senator. The bill, SB 182 provides for property tax relief to homeowners and business owners who have been overburdened by property taxes by cutting the property tax rollback in half. 15 Nov 2014


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