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HuffPo's Fineman Reluctantly Slams 'Confused' Obama

On Monday, perennial Obama cheerleader Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post released a comprehensive breakdown of his disappointments with his shining star. The same columnist who once glossed over Obama’s troubles in implementing Obamacare by comparing him to both Superman and Sisyphus now calls him ineffective, confused, and bumbling. Oct 14, 2014 11:39 AM PT

'Stop Rush' Activist Fantasized About Torturing Limbaugh

For years, activists associated with Media Matters have attempted to undercut the advertising base for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, with little success. Those activists, who represent a small, hard-core base dedicated to launching secondary boycotts – boycotts against advertisers on Limbaugh’s program – are now revealing themselves as not merely leftist advocates, but some of the fringiest characters this side of MSNBC. Oct 7, 2014 7:04 AM PT

The Idiocy of Islam's Great Defenders

After 9/11, Americans wondered why the Bush and Clinton administrations had failed to connect the dots. Perhaps it’s because the culture of political correctness means that we must see every dot as disconnected, rather than as part of a broader intellectual and philosophical framework. If you stand too close to a Seurat painting, you’re likely to miss the fact that you’re looking at a Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte, rather than a random series of colored dots. Oct 5, 2014 9:54 AM PT

5 Indicators the Economy Is Still Stagnating

The media celebrated Friday as the Department of Labor announced a “surge of hiring” – 248,000 new jobs added in September. The unemployment rate has now dropped to 5.9 percent. Oct 3, 2014 6:41 PM PT

6 Ways The Feds Screwed Up The Ebola Response

Ebola is not easy to contract. Ebola is not easy to transmit. But the federal government is making it a hell of a lot easier for those who have contracted Ebola to transmit it here in the United States, if the case of Thomas Eric Duncan is any indicator. Oct 2, 2014 11:42 AM PT

Netanyahu Faces Off With Obama on Iran

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Barack Obama at the White House, where Netanyahu lectured Obama on the need to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Oct 1, 2014 12:46 PM PT

What You Need to Know About Ebola

The Dallas Ebola patient went to the emergency room on Thursday but was sent back home with an antibiotic, then had to call an ambulance on Sunday. In the interim, the symptomatic patient could have passed along the disease. Here’s what you need to know about Ebola: what it looks like, how it is transmitted, and what the chances are that you will be confronted with it. Sep 30, 2014 9:07 PM PT

7 Other Lone Wolf Islamic Attacks Inside the U.S.

Over the weekend, the FBI announced that it would treat Islamist Alton Nolan’s alleged beheading of Colleen Hufford, 54, as a case of workplace violence. That despite the fact that Nolan’s Facebook page contains a picture of Nolan giving the ISIS salute, multiple pictures of Osama Bin Laden, a screenshot of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and a quote reading, “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smile ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them.” Sep 28, 2014 2:27 PM PT

Obama Defends Islam, Smacks Israel, American Racism at UN

Taking on issues ranging from Iran to Russia, from Ukraine to Syria, from global warming to Ebola, Obama pledged to utilize American might in service to the United Nations, speaking grandly of the beauty and power of the world’s least effective and most morally bankrupt international institution. Sep 24, 2014 8:26 AM PT

Obama to UN : Climate Change Our Fault

On Tuesday, shortly after announcing to the American public that the United States was now bombing ISIS in Syria, the President of the United States flew to New York to address the United Nations – on climate change. His speech mixed high-flown sentiment with apologies for America, and pledged American sacrifice in the name of a lofty goal without evidence that such sacrifice would in any way contribute to attaining that goal. Sep 23, 2014 12:07 PM PT

10 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Hillary

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been through the political battles more than any major politician since Richard Nixon – and she has a lot in common with her former foe. But despite the blanket coverage of the former First Lady and her ubiquitous husband, there are still a good number of interesting facts about her that have been buried over the years. Sep 22, 2014 4:41 PM PT


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