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NYTimes Grudgingly Admits Tea Party Winning Immigration Fight

The New York Times yesterday featured a story about how the Tea Party has influenced the GOP on immigration: "On Capitol Hill, the Tea Party wing continues to drive the party’s agenda. Last winter, as House Republican leaders drafted their 'principles' for immigration overhaul, they largely disregarded the opponents of any form of legal status for immigrants in the country illegally, dismissing them as a loud but small minority.” Aug 13, 2014 7:47 AM PT

NYT: Ebola Quarantine Driving Mass Starvation

NJALA NGIEMA, Sierra Leone — The signs of a deadly struggle remain: Scattered around the houses of the Ebola dead lie empty pill packages, their plastic casings punched through. Nearby in the mud are used packets of oral rehydration salts. The pills did not work, and the hurried trip to the hospital, if there was one, came too late. Aug 12, 2014 6:07 AM PT


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