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Obama Grows Petulant over GOP Challenge

Currently traveling in Minnesota, Barack Obama appears to be bristling at the notion that House Republicans are set to challenge him in the courts. PBS characterizes his demeanor as "mocking." Perhaps. But observers of he Obama White House might note that he often becomes petulant, if not downright immature whenever he feels his presumed authority is being challenged by another branch of America's Constitutional form of government. Jun 28, 2014 1:49 PM PT

NYC Offers Free Lawyers For Illegals

As if it doesn't have enough issues to throw money at, "New York City is now the first jurisdiction in the country with a public defender system dedicated solely to providing free legal council to every poor, detained immigrant facing deportation." Jun 26, 2014 7:27 PM PT

Lois Lerner Sought Audit Involving Sen Chuck Grassley

An email has surfaced indicating former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner "sought an audit involving" Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa. Grassley in 2012 after a mix up somehow led to her inadvertently led to her receiving an event invitation meant for Grassley. Jun 25, 2014 3:01 PM PT

Conservatives Urge McDaniel To Run as Write-In Candidate in the Fall

It's increasingly clear that Democrat votes, particularly from Mississipi's African American community helped Thad Cochran eek out a win over McDaniel in the GOP primary. Those votes would most likely go to a Democrat in the Fall, meaning McDaniel may have a good chance at winning in a three man race. Jun 25, 2014 9:03 AM PT

Hagan Dodges Media Over VA Scandal

As reported here earlier, Senate Democrat Kay Hagan had no problems making bold pronouncements about her concern for veterans when she was first running for her current office. However, six years later as she runs for a second term, it turns out her rhetoric doesn't match up to her dismal record.  Jun 23, 2014 11:50 AM PT


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