David Webb

David Webb

David Webb is host of The David Webb Show on SiriusXM Patriot 125, co-founder of TeaParty365 in New York City and a Fox News Contributor. Follow on twitter @davidwebbshow.

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2014: The Big Lie, Nuclear Winter, Grudge Match

The big lie of 2013 by Obama (If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor … or … if you like your plan can keep your plan) will affect millions of Americans. Dec 31, 2013 5:54 PM PT

The 'Top 10 Blah Blah Blah' of 2013

I will be guilty of doing this in some form on my radio show. That's the job. I rarely pay attention to these lists in my personal life except as a mild distraction. As a culture it seems we are driven to qualify from best to worse or vice versa. Why not quantify where needed with as much context as possible and draw closer to betterment in some way. Don't get me wrong, laughter and trivial distractions are important.  Dec 26, 2013 8:31 PM PT

Income Inequality via The Institutional Left Meets Reality By The Numbers

Income inequality is an easy phrase for the left to throw around but the issue is more complicated. Yes there is a growing income gap, but there are also a growing number of wealthy Americans. It is easy for the left to attack the 1% but we can't ignore the other 99%.  Dec 9, 2013 11:00 AM PT


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