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Venezuela Cozies Up to Iran at UN General Assembly Meeting

Socialist Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held a one-on-one meeting yesterday in New York in anticipation for the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. Venezuela, desperate for financial aid, has turned to its longtime ally to help with housing projects. Sep 24, 2014 11:14 AM PT

African Media Divided on Whether Boko Haram Leader--or Impersonator--Killed in Battle

What could have been the biggest breakthrough in the war on international jihad took Nigerian media by storm this week, as the army of Cameroon asserted that they had killed Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau. However, many sources are claiming the man killed was not Shekau, but a designated impersonator, and that the true jihadist leader remains at large. Sep 24, 2014 8:31 AM PT

Dueling Ebola Estimates Warn Up to 1.4 Million Infected by January

Amid the good news that the West Africa Ebola outbreak has been contained in both Nigeria and Senegal, observers of the viral disaster received a flurry of conflicting estimates and worst case scenarios today, as the World Health Organization warned that 21,000 new cases could occur within the next two months, but the U.S. Center for Disease Control put the number at 1.4 million in four months. Sep 23, 2014 10:20 AM PT

Coalition of Arab Nations Including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE Join US in Striking ISIS

The United States counted with a number of Arab nations in their coordinated airstrikes in Syria overnight against the terrorist group the Islamic State. Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates all participated in the attack, according to the Defense Department, potentially branding themselves "apostate" nations in the eyes of the terrorist group. Sep 23, 2014 9:58 AM PT

Laos Criminalizes Internet Criticism of the Government

The communist state of Laos has categorically banned any online criticism of the government in a new set of laws that criminalizes speaking ill of the government on the Internet and any outlet that facilitates the publication of such online criticism. Sep 23, 2014 9:03 AM PT

Venezuela Opens 'Disarmament Centers' to Take Guns from Civilians

Venezuela's repressive socialist government announced a "disarmament campaign" this weekend, urging civilians to surrender their weapons to government officials in what they claim is an attempt at reducing the nation's astronomical murder rate. Sep 22, 2014 9:32 AM PT

Experts: ISIS Destroying Ancient Archaeological Sites to Sell Artifacts on Black Market

The Islamic State captured Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, in July, and within the month, reports surged that the jihadist terror group had either occupied or destroyed every Christian institution in the city. Not just the Christian legacy is threatened by their presence, however-- thousands of years of civilization may be destroyed under the group's reign of terror. Sep 21, 2014 6:00 AM PT

CDC: 550,000 Could Contract Ebola Before Outbreak Contained

As the death toll of the largest outbreak of Ebola virus in history hits 2,630, the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning that more than half a million people could contract the virus before it is contained, according to a document set for release next week. Sep 20, 2014 12:27 PM PT

Venezuela to Revoke Citizenship of Conservative Actress for Opposing Socialism

Cuban-Venezuelan actress Maria Conchita Alonso has been at the forefront of the public opposition to the repressive socialist policies of President Nicolás Maduro. Now, the actress--also a Tea Party ally and vocal critic of Sean Penn and Oliver Stone--may lose her Venezuelan citizenship over her political beliefs. Sep 20, 2014 7:54 AM PT

China Seeks Influence in Africa, Pledges Extra $32 Million to Ebola Fight

As early as last April, the World Health Organization (WHO) was warning that the Ebola outbreak in west Africa was the "most chilling" they had seen, and that an international effort would be required to contain it. Following an announcement that the United States would be sending millions in aid to the region, the Chinese government is adding more to its tally. Sep 20, 2014 7:08 AM PT

Breitbart's Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Watching ISIS Beheadings Necessary to 'Know the Enemy'

"To be victorious, you must know the enemy," Warned Breitbart National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka in a debate yesterday on BBC World Update. While many are questioning the value of allowing Islamic State propaganda-- particularly the gruesome beheadings of UK and US citizens-- to be seen in the public sphere, Dr. Gorka asserts experiencing the horror on film is necessary to understanding the Islamic State. Sep 19, 2014 8:38 AM PT

Syrian Refugees Increasingly Starting New Lives in Latin America

It may at first appear an unorthodox choice, but for many of the estimated three million refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War, Latin American countries are becoming increasingly popular resettlement destinations. While the new language and culture prove a challenge, lax immigration laws and aid programs are attracting a greater number of Syrians every day. Sep 18, 2014 1:32 PM PT

Mother Demands Liberian Beauty Queen's Body Back After Ebola Mix-Up Prevents Burial

Twenty-seven-year-old Shurina Rose Wiah, Miss Liberia 2009-2010, died this week after not eating for a week as she suffered from a year of malnutrition and depression following the death of her sister. Despite allegedly not exhibiting any Ebola symptoms, her body is being kept from her mother, Rev. Mother Rosie Dillon-Wiah, as authorities desperately try to contain the spread of Ebola in Monrovia. Sep 18, 2014 11:55 AM PT

ISIS Jihadi 'Vampire': 'We Love Drinking Infidel Blood'

Rabie Shehada, an Islamic State jihadist known as “the Palestinian slayer,” has released a bizarre video in which he declares that jihadists in the Islamic State "love drinking blood," along with the usual threats of "slaughter" to those who do not submit to the will of the terrorist group. Sep 18, 2014 10:35 AM PT


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