The debate between Hamiltonian federalists and Jacksonian decentralization has raged throughout American history. Their philosophical debate -- a debate weighing the necessity of government action versus the prevention of government abuses -- continues today in these pages.

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Copperheads: The ‘Jacksonian’ Sword of Lincoln

One of the most important undercurrents of the Civil War was the role the strong Democratic minority played in criticizing Lincoln’s Republican administration, the Radical Republican Congress, and the war effort in general. But Democrats did not provide a united front or bulwark of opposition to the government and the Union cause, rather far from it. Aug 31, 2013 5:47 PM PT

The Jacksonian ‘Country Party’ Coalition

According to leading intellectual progressives, the Republican Party may in fact be the old Confederacy returning to oppose America’s first black president. Daily Beast writer, Jamelle Bouis, wrote an article titled, “What Links the Neo-Confederate Virginia Flaggers, Barack Obama & Race,” in which he surmises: Aug 13, 2013 6:19 PM PT

Detroit: The Jacksonian Road to Reform

Detroit’s bankruptcy filing on July 18, the largest for any city in American history, was the product of decades-long decline, poor governance, and misguided federal policies after the 2007 financial collapse. Democrats, including Vice President Joe Biden, have suggested a federal bailout of Detroit in order to save the city from a financial mess of their own doing, essentially a repeat of the Obama administration’s bailout of the auto industry. Aug 4, 2013 9:51 AM PT

Jackson vs. Hamilton: From Centralization to Jacksonianism--A Response to Hamilton

Breitbart News is featuring an ongoing series featuring the philosophical and policy outlooks of two great American leaders, Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) and Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). This conversation is less of a debate between the modern left and right, than one based on competing sets of traditional American values. There are elements of both “Hamiltonianism” and “Jacksonianism” within modern conservatism. This is a debate between honest patriots that wish to preserve American exceptionalism. Jul 10, 2013 10:04 PM PT

Liberty Worth Defending in Two-Front War

In many respects, the twenty-first century battlefield mirrors the experiences of the early days of the republic, as technology has narrowed the oceans and made the United States homeland more vulnerable to attack. Jun 23, 2013 12:14 PM PT

The Chinese Cyberattacks: What Andrew Jackson Would Say--And What He Would Do

According to a Pentagon report, the United States defense industry has been infiltrated by Chinese hackers and vital national security information has been stolen. This has just been the latest and largest incident in a long line of Chinese violations of US national sovereignty and betrayals of American trust. Andrew Jackson, one of this country’s greatest presidents, would have seen China’s latest attack as a direct affront to American honor, requiring immediate and decisive action. Jun 2, 2013 5:17 PM PT


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