Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila is an author, columnist, TV and radio personality, and Fox News Contributor. Her book, OUTNUMBERED: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative, was published in May of 2011. She has contributed to Human Events, The Daily Caller, Newsmax,, The Blaze, and the Association of Mature American Citizens' newsletter. For more information on Jedediah, please visit Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Just a Reminder...

With the release of Hillary Clinton's new book, I see many Republicans in full-on anti-Hillary mode. That's fine and to be expected. However, I'd like to offer a quick suggestion... Jun 10, 2014 1:23 PM PT

The Power of Slogans

Yes We Can. Change We Can Believe In. Forward. Remember those? Sometimes slogans really do make a difference. And Democrats aren't wasting any time this year. Jun 1, 2014 8:16 AM PT

Welcome to the Cat Cafe

Anyone who knows me is well aware that animals are my life. If I could, I'd live on a farm (or in a jungle). I'd have a cow and a giraffe. Don't even get me started on elephants. Apr 22, 2014 10:05 AM PT

Making It Count

After a life-changing experience in 2001, I have tried to remind myself as often as possible that life is really short, that sometimes you don't get a tomorrow, and that making the most of each moment is really what this thing called life is all about. Apr 9, 2014 8:00 AM PT

Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Leaves Kids Hungry

The public school lunches mandated by Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act are making news, and not in a good way. Students have taken to social media to complain that the lunches are leaving them hungry and dissatisfied, posting photos that feature the less-than-desirable food options. Apr 8, 2014 9:40 AM PT

Obama Team Doesn't Get Young People

In its latest desperate attempt to get young people signed up for Obamacare, the Obama team has released a video in which celebrity moms urge young people to get covered. The moms of Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez are featured in the video, which includes such lines as "Young people feel invincible," "Seriously, do you want your mothers to have a nervous breakdown?" and "Taking care of yourself so your mothers can sleep and have a nice life after all they've done for you is not too much to ask." Michelle Obama appears at the end reminding young people that "We nag you because we love you." Mar 14, 2014 10:49 AM PT

Rhetoric Doesn't Earn Respect

By now, you may have seen Gallup's recent poll concluding that, "For the first time, more Americans think President Barack Obama is not respected by other world leaders than believe he is. Americans' opinions have shifted dramatically in the past year, after being relatively stable from 2010 to 2013." Feb 24, 2014 11:48 AM PT

Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan

When I was a kid, politics didn't really interest me. I found most policy talk boring, most messengers of that talk unable to connect with people. I found most politicians tedious, monotonous, and unable to sell the ideas they claimed to love so much. Feb 6, 2014 8:59 AM PT

Rediscovering Sanity

Ever feel like you're going absolutely mad? Like if one more person at work asked you to do something or sign something or email someone, you would completely lose your marbles? Jan 31, 2014 8:03 AM PT

Big American Dreams

Amy wants to open a flower shop in San Francisco when she grows up. She's twelve years old and incredibly ambitious. As I sat listening to this young girl explain the design of her future store--high ceilings, yellow shutters, ornate pots, and a garden out back--I was beyond impressed. At a very young age, Amy had discovered something she loved. And not only that, but she had begun to figure out how to turn it into a job she would be happy to work hard at every day. She would toss her allowance into a small piggy bank next to her bed every week. On the bank's side was written "Amy's Flower Shop Savings." At the end of each month, she would empty the money into a large plastic bag and take it to the bank to deposit with her dad. Jan 17, 2014 12:53 PM PT


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