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Krauthammer to the GOP: Don’t Take Obama’s Impeachment Bait

On Wednesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer advised Republicans not to be lured into seeking articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama, despite the seemingly flippant attitude the Obama has shown with regards to seeking congressional authority on certain issues, in particular immigration reform. Nov 5, 2014 9:21 PM PT

Matthews Rails Against Obama for Always Playing 'to His Constituency'

Following President Barack Obama’s post-election press conference on Wednesday, MSNBC “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews ranted against Obama for not deviating from his standard modus operandi of always defaulting to his constituency on key issues in search of “common ground” and not looking beyond that for “compromise” or making deals to create that common ground. Nov 5, 2014 2:05 PM PT

Sabato: 'I Want an Investigation of the Polls'

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato offered a reaction to the disparity between last night’s midterm election outcomes in Virginia, Georgia and Illinois to what the polls had suggested. Nov 5, 2014 6:23 AM PT

Krauthammer: 'This Is The End Of The War On Women'

During Tuesday's coverage of the 2014 midterm elections on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer explained that the resounding victory for Republican congressional and gubernatorial candidate signified the end of a page out of the Democratic Party's playbook, which was the so-called claims of a GOP "war on women" strategy. Nov 4, 2014 10:03 PM PT

Tapper: 'This Is a Wave'

Following early election results Tuesday night on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper whether he thought Republican success represented a GOP “wave.” Nov 4, 2014 9:05 PM PT

Hume: If Republicans Don't Win the Senate, Expect a 'Bloody' GOP Civil War

On Tuesday’s Election Day broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” network senior political analyst Brit Hume played out the scenario of what might happen within the Republican Party should the GOP fail to capture the U.S. Senate after this election cycle. Nov 4, 2014 7:35 AM PT

WSJ's Carol Lee: Iowa Voters Definitely Down on Obama

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, Wall Street Journal White House correspondent Carol Lee offered some anecdotal proof that President Barack Obama is not faring well among voters in Iowa. Nov 3, 2014 7:29 AM PT

Ernst: 'Very Offended' by Harkin's Remarks

On Monday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Jodi Ernst reacted to comments from outgoing Sen. Tom Harkin from last week in which he suggested Ernst had built up a lead over her opponent, Democratic senate hopeful Bruce Braley. Nov 3, 2014 6:40 AM PT

Harkin on Ernst's Late Iowa Rally: Because 'She Is Really Attractive'

In an appearance at the Story Co., IA Democratic Party’s fall barbecue last week held in his honor, outgoing Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) remarked on Republican senate hopeful Jodi Ernst’s late rally headed into Election Day showing her with a lead over her Democratic opponent Bruce Braley in polls. Nov 3, 2014 6:25 AM PT


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