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Obama's know-nothing ambassadors

President Obama's determined effort to find the most unqualified campaign donors he can possibly reward with important ambassadorial positions continues to bring comical, and disturbing, results.  First there was the hapless boob he tapped for ambassador to Norway, top Obama bundler Geroge Tsunis, who might be able to find Norway on a map, but otherwise knows absolutely nothing about it whatsoever.  The unamused Norwegians retaliated for the insult from Obama by nominating Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. Feb 7, 2014 5:27 AM PT

The best Super Bowl ads

It is said that this year's Super Bowl ads were as disappointing as the game (assuming you're not a Seahawks fan who loves curb-stomp victories and thinks of the fourth quarter as an epilogue.)  We're curious to know what the mad men, who have a reputation as shrewd students of American culture who put a lot of money behind their analysis, think of us. Feb 4, 2014 1:10 PM PT

President Obama is feeling less 'transformative' these days

I thought President Obama's pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly of Fox News was noteworthy because of how evasive and dismissive the President was.  He simply didn't answer the questions O'Reilly posed.  He accused Fox News of essentially inventing the Benghazi and IRS scandals - which is, to put it mildly, quite a difference from what internal investigations and Congressional reports have said about both matters.  The IRS began its scandal spin control by effectively admitting its power was abused for political reasons; Obama said he was mad as hell and would get to the bottom of it, no matter what; after months of doing nothing, Obama now says there was never a story to begin with.   Feb 3, 2014 9:47 AM PT

Losing Philip Seymour Hoffman

It's just awful to learn that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead at 46 from a heroin overdose.  He had so much to lose.  It's scary to think such an successful and thoughtful actor, a person of such enormous accomplishments, could end up that way.  How did his life reach a point where he was left alone in his apartment to self-destruct? Feb 2, 2014 12:25 PM PT

Hollywood takes a shot at Lee Atwater and Karl Rove

A new movie called "College Republicans" is set to star Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, as a young Lee Atwater and Dane DeHaan of "Chronicle" as Karl Rove.  (Evidently the stars are only "considering" the roles, according to The Wrap.)   Feb 2, 2014 9:56 AM PT


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