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Obama's border-camp horror gets worse

Last week, we heard about an epidemic of lice and scabies running through the population of young illegal aliens surging across the border and piling up in refugee camps for temporary storage, before they can be dispersed across the United States.  Now we're up to tuberculosis, according to anonymous insider sources for a Fox News report by Todd Starnes: Jul 7, 2014 11:39 AM PT

Part-time America: Makers who are also Takers

I thought I'd grown numb to the media's relentless efforts to manufacture good news for Barack Obama, but the June unemployment report really takes the cake.  It was almost universally reported as phenomenal good news, with caveats brusquely related 10 paragraphs into print stories, if at all.  Almost 300,000 jobs created!  Recovery Summer is here at last, five years after Obama promised it!  Pop the champagne corks, America is back in business! Jul 7, 2014 8:03 AM PT

VA set aside veterans' needs so they could work on ObamaCare

The two biggest, most corrupt disasters in the history of Big Government collide, as whistleblower Scott Davis from the Atlanta branch of the VA tells the same story we've heard many times before, from around the country - 17,000 veterans' applications for health care were hidden or destroyed, to cook the books and make top officials look good - and then drops this bombshell in an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News: Jul 6, 2014 2:24 PM PT

Google accused of abusing 'right to be forgotten' to gin up anger against the law

One bit of evidence I presented in May, to back up the contention that the Obama Administration is unwise to cede Internet control to an international body, was the creation of a "right to be forgotten" by Europe's highest court.  This was an interpretation of Europe's privacy laws that allowed people to demand search engines, such as Google, must delete links to "irrelevant or incorrect personal information."   Jul 5, 2014 5:58 AM PT

Boko Haram and ISIS are into persecuting Christians and burning churches, too

Despite sustaining a powerful hashtag diplomacy attack from the Obama Administration - in which everyone from State Department spokespersons to the First Lady took pictures of themselves holding up #BringBackOurGirls placards and looking sad - the Nigerian Islamist group known as Boko Haram is still wreaking havoc.  They kidnapped sixty more girls, and it turns out they've got a habit of burning churches and murdering Christians when they're not working on the human trafficking our heroic Administration begged them to stop.   Jul 1, 2014 8:51 AM PT


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