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Boko Haram mocks hashtag diplomacy

Further evidence that "hashtag diplomacy" is worse than useless, as the Islamist thugs of Boko Haram release a video mocking the weepy efforts to beg them to release the large number of young women they have abducted: Jul 14, 2014 7:44 AM PT

Is the Facebook bubble about to pop?

Facebook is a fascinating success story (good enough to make a movie about!) but that story might be entering its final chapter, as Robin Harris of ZDNet cites search-engine data that suggests interest in Facebook has already peaked, and is now declining.  It's not dissimilar to the fate that awaited Friendster, Myspace, and other social media platforms - it's just a larger popularity wave than any to come before it, cresting and breaking more slowly and majestically. Jul 11, 2014 2:03 PM PT

Do not doubt the power of the Cloward-Piven strategy

Jonah Goldberg at National Review has a fine column today in which he dynamites the Obama talking point that our cross-border invasion is a flood of refugees from shocking new war-zone conditions in Central America, and has nothing to do with Obama's failure to enforce immigration laws.  After listing a series of dire headlines from various newspapers, describing bloody chaos in Columbia, Guatemala, and El Salvador, which would seem to buttress Obama's contention, Goldberg drops the bomb that they're all headlines from 1987 through 2007. Jul 11, 2014 8:22 AM PT

Why not dispense with the Presidency?

House Speaker John Boehner wants to push back against Barack Obama's abuses of power with a lawsuit, which couldn't possibly accomplish anything until Obama was out of office.  Sarah Palin is talking about impeaching him, which is the Constitutionally-provided tool for checking an imperial president, but there's absolutely zero chance of Senate Democrats agreeing to remove a Democrat president from office, especially this one; that check on executive power has been politically checkmated.   Jul 10, 2014 11:34 AM PT

Welcome to the Panopticon, Muslim Americans

The ongoing exposure of the Surveillance State from materials appropriated by Edward Snowden continues, as Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain at The Intercept report that five Muslim Americans with no detectable link to national-security threats were treated to the old NSA email monitoring routine (with direction from the FBI) without much of a peep from those vaunted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act secret courts that we're supposed to trust with the defense of our privacy.   Jul 10, 2014 10:52 AM PT

The Obama's Katrina Moment fallacy

My spin-detection antennae went up as soon as I heart numerous people on the Left, almost simultaneously, begin fretting that Obama's refusal to visit the border in Texas could be his "Katrina moment."  Something fishy is going on when everyone begins dropping the same talking point in unison, from the media to elected Democrats, especially when that talking point would seem harmful to Obama. Jul 9, 2014 9:46 AM PT

Nanny From Hell and the squatter ethos

The strange story of Diane Stretton, widely known as the "Nanny From Hell" (evidently sometimes known less poetically as the "Won't-Go Nanny" by some local media) has been bubbling along for about a month now.  In short, Stretton is an elderly woman hired off Craigslist to work for room and board as a live-in nanny for the three children of a California couple, Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte.  They grew dissatisfied with her work, claiming that she quickly lost interest in doing nanny stuff.  Stretton, for her part, says she was asked to work much harder than she originally bargained for, with round-the-clock duties that included no breaks or holidays.  As usual in such a dispute, each side claims the other is not telling the whole story. Jul 8, 2014 11:33 AM PT

Obama's border-camp horror gets worse

Last week, we heard about an epidemic of lice and scabies running through the population of young illegal aliens surging across the border and piling up in refugee camps for temporary storage, before they can be dispersed across the United States.  Now we're up to tuberculosis, according to anonymous insider sources for a Fox News report by Todd Starnes: Jul 7, 2014 11:39 AM PT

Part-time America: Makers who are also Takers

I thought I'd grown numb to the media's relentless efforts to manufacture good news for Barack Obama, but the June unemployment report really takes the cake.  It was almost universally reported as phenomenal good news, with caveats brusquely related 10 paragraphs into print stories, if at all.  Almost 300,000 jobs created!  Recovery Summer is here at last, five years after Obama promised it!  Pop the champagne corks, America is back in business! Jul 7, 2014 8:03 AM PT


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