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Our government is too big for the rule of law

George Will considers the concept of "executive discretion," and President Obama's abuse of it, arriving at the conclusion that our government has grown to the point that strict adherence to the rule of law is effectively impossible - a condition he certainly does not endorse: Dec 20, 2013 1:08 PM PT

A bit of Christmas advice for the lady in your life, courtesy of Toronto mayor Rob Ford

Just yesterday, I was musing that it's about time for a ruddy-cheeked fat man to tumble down the chimney and spread good cheer.  I was of course referring to Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who is what would happen if a gaffe machine had a love child with a train wreck.  It's been too long since Ford opened his pie-hole and brightened our headlines.  But here he is, courtesy of the National Post, offering some advice for men on how to keep their special ladies happy at Christmastime: Dec 19, 2013 8:00 AM PT

Movie review: 'The Desolation of Smaug'

The second "Hobbit" movie has the same strengths and weaknesses of the first, except the strengths are a bit stronger, and the weaknesses a bit less noticeable.  I still can't help feeling this story would have been better served as two movies than three - they're so long that even the superior spectacle of "Smaug" feels numbing by the end, and you can just see entire subplots (lakeside hamlet politics, anyone?) that would have been deleted scenes on the DVD of a more tightly edited film.  And I say that as someone who loves the Extended Editions of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Dec 17, 2013 7:49 PM PT

Turns out Obama's not so open to other ideas on health care, after all

One of President Obama's most frequently repeated talking points, during the ObamaCare crash-and-burn, is that his opponents don't have any ideas of their own.  That is patently false, to a degree the media would simply never accept if he were a Republican pretending the proposals of his Democrat opponents didn't exist at all. Dec 16, 2013 2:04 PM PT

Buy ObamaCare, get a free bag of pot

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Bloomberg News opinion piece that suggests giving a free bag of pot to kids who enroll in ObamaCare.  The author, Caroline Baum, is sharply critical of ObamaCare at the beginning, casting the White House for failing to "grasp what makes individuals and businesses tick... whether it's taxes or regulations, Obama doesn't understand the basis of a capitalist economy." Dec 16, 2013 12:12 PM PT

The unsung hero of Arapahoe

Have you heard about the heroic deputy sheriff who saved countless lives during the Arapahoe High School shooting?  Probably not, and that's really odd, because there simply isn't much doubt about the value of his timely actions.  We've heard quite a bit of praise for librarian and debate coach Tracy Murphy and his effort to lure shooter Karl Pierson away from the students.  But when CNN ran a story about how the entire horrific incident lasted only 80 seconds, they didn't explain why it was over so quickly until Paragraph 18 of the story: Dec 16, 2013 11:50 AM PT

The worst-case scenario for gun control

While we're talking about the Arapahoe High School shooting and those who would politicize the crime, isn't this pretty much the worst-case scenario for gun control extremists?  The shooter employed a shotgun, the preferred weapon of Vice President Joe Biden, and one of the two firearms (the other being the hunting rifle) that gun controllers will never, ever try to take away.  If you like your shotgun, you can keep your shotgun, period. Dec 14, 2013 6:23 AM PT


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